Smart glasses, Augmented reality and the future.

Smart glasses

It is obvious that computers are getting smaller and the performance of them is increasing. So we can find so many things with the computational ability which became smart. For example, mobile phones so-called smartphones, smart watch, smart glasses, smart vehicles, smart homes and etc. Among those smart things, wearables such as watches and glasses are becoming consumable. Currently, smart glasses are getting really famous all over the world within last decade. There are two types of displays that are using in smart glasses. One is optical head-mounted display (OHMD) same as VR headsets. The other type is the heads-up display which is using transparent glasses. Unlike VR headsets smart glasses have almost all the features of smartphones and better portability. Most famous smart glasses are Google Glass (HUD type) and Microsoft HoloLens (OHMD type) which has many features. The video which has been added below shows several smart glasses.

Most of the OHMD type smart glasses are pretty expensive but, there are some cheap products like VISION-800 3D Glass or Excelvan K600.

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That means this wearable device also becoming affordable day by day. So the people would tend to use this rather than using the smartphone because those glasses also have same features and more convenient. In today’s society, you can notice that most of the people addicted to the smartphones. They are checking Facebook status, texting with friends, posting pictures on Instagram even while walking on the street. Imagine, how this kind of wearable device can enhance the usability of these activities.
Update (12/01/2018): Cinego – Personal Immersive 4K Cinema. Another new portable HMD headset to which allows watching movies, playing games, video chatting, etc. But different from smart glass concept.

Augmented Reality

Some of most well-known fields related to HMDs are Virtual Reality (VR), Augmented Reality (AR) and Mixed Reality (MR). Recently the AR-based applications are very popular in smart devices such as smartphones and tablets. Best examples are Facebook messenger face changing feature and real-time translation on Google translate app. Other than them there so many AR applications even supported for the 3D rendering. Following video shows some AR application using recently.

Also, there are freely available AR development platforms as well. Several trending development platforms have been listed below.

  • ARToolKit: Supports for Android, iOS, Linux, Windows, Mac OS and Smart Glasses.
  • EasyAR: Supports for Android, iOS, UWP, Windows, Mac and Unity Editor.
  • three.js: Browser-based application development platform.


Let’s assume smart glass will become an essential device for the people as same as the smartphone. There can be so many advantages as we seen on demonstration of the HoloLens. Everything gets easy and addictive. As we can see on Youtube Facebook with develope there augmented reality application that fit with the smart glasses. It will be pretty amazing work with that kind of applications. These technologies will help to develop best marketing methods and people will be used to wear the glasses almost all the time.

But, there can be a bad side because of this technology. Imagine, people are wearing these glasses all the time for their ease, then they lose the attention to the real world. You can see even now it’s happening because of the smartphones. People could be manipulated by the government or some companies that can control the devices. So then it will be the world which has shown in the Matrix movie. People could see a better world through the smart glass even if it is a huge mess in reality.

Update: 19/01/2018

AR shopping with smart glasses.

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